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Festival or online?

Time was, filmmakers promoting their short film trod a well-worn path. They’d enter the film into festivals. Then they’d try to get a small distribution deal, and usually fail, just because supply was so much higher then demand (and still is). Sooner or later, they’d...

Short Film Reviews goes live!

The world’s first searchable short film review site with ratings and a festival is now live! As we build our library of reviews, SRF will become the go-to place for film fans to check out new shorts fresh from the festival circuit. Written with mainstream film...

Why does the world need

I’m a filmmaker, and I’m passionate about short films. I know how hard it is to get a film in front of viewers. Yes, some shorts get a million hits on YouTube. But others, equally good, get just a handful. It shouldn’t be like this. Because I truly believe that we are...

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