100% Girl

The difference between men and women creates the most difficult battlefield in the world!

Genre: Animation

Length: 3:09

Pay Per View

4.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Chen Liangyu,

Director/s : Chen Liangyu, 

Writer/s : Chen Liangyu, 

Actor/s : Chen Liangyu, 


Heart art

In some ways animation is the essence of moving image storytelling. Anything that can be imagined can be drawn, and the more unreal the idea, the better animation is at portraying it. And conversely, the less real the idea, the worse photorealism works – the movie Cats is so unbearable precisely because it tries to make the unreal realistic.

100% Girl has a talking toaster and self-spreading toast, and a living rice cooker. The toaster serves Qian, the 100% girl in the eyes of her husband. Or at least, she was that before they got married. Now, she can’t get the right flavours of spread for him. Maybe she’s tried too much sweet stuff, maybe life needs the tang of spice and salt and sour. Anyway, the husband can make his own breakfast.

If there is a message here, it’s not overstated. Maybe it’s saying that Qian is to her husband as the toaster and rice cooker are to her. Maybe it’s saying that we need balance, sweet and sour, to create a harmonious life. Maybe it’s asking how 100% girl becomes 100% woman.

This animation makes us pause, and reflect, and smile. It was done by Chen Liangyu, a 13 year old Taiwanese girl on a mobile app. She also played piano, did the voiceover, dubbed and edited, and designed the poster. She’s won a plethora of awards, local and international, and deservedly so.

We have to hope that as she grows from girl into woman, she keeps making films that continue to be subtle, entertaining, personal, and wise without being trite. Chen has proved that a film doesn’t need an expensive camera, or a star, or even mastery of a craft. Like any art, all it needs is a heart.

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