A Life Like Water

Monfaradi’s documentary about a day in the life his father, and his reflections on life, family and mortality.

Genre: Documentary

Length: 04:42

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Hus Monfaradi,

Director/s : Hus Monfaradi, 

Writer/s : -, 

Actor/s : -, 


Finding a level

Hasan Monfaradi is 80. He lives a simple life. He prays, he potters in his garage with his welding gear, and tends his beautifully maintained little Morris Minor, which must be getting on for half his age.

His secret for happiness is to be content with what he has, to be kind to other people and animals, and to take pride in his children. On death: life is like water, it never disappears, it just flows somewhere else.

Why should we be interested in Hasan? Why should we be interested in Monfaradi’s film about him? Because the small glimpse of a man at peace brings us peace. Because his philosophy of warmth, warms us. The message, like the images and music, is simple yet profound.

This short documentary will enhance your day more than many a film. In fact, it’s like the life-affirming conclusion of a good drama. Why bother with all the problem and conflict? Cut straight to the contented end, when all is resolved.