A young man falls for a ghost, who he can only see when he holds his breath.

Genre: Horror

Length: 04:53

Free To View

3.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Mark Wilson, Jack Coulter

Director/s : Toby Meakins, 

Writer/s : Simon Allen, Toby Meakins

Actor/s : Josef Altin, Jack North


Waiting to exhale

A young man, Jamie (Jack North) introduces Tyler (Josef Atlin, Pyp in Game of Thrones) to a new experience. He knows a girl, a ghost, who only appears when you hold your breath. Tyler is sceptical, and not a little scared, but he isn’t going to chicken out. Seeing her is terrifying, and he exhales, but he tries again, and she reappears. She gazes into his eyes, and touches his lips.

“She likes you,” Jamie says. “She’ll do stuff,” Jamie says. “I’ll leave you alone if you want.”

Horror often has a wide moral streak, with victims somehow deserving their fate at the hands of supernatural forces. So we know deep down that no good will come of Tyler’s inability to resist necrophiliac temptation.

The colours are muted, muddy and grey, and the minimalist music calculated to increase the tension. The direction is cold and deadpan. The only angle the camera knows in 90 degrees, so we are behind them, or above them, or looking in profile. It’s a spare, rigid approach to a simple idea, and shows how less is more.

It also proves that it doesn’t take long to get inside your head, down your spine and into your entrails. Breathe is haunting in more ways than one.