Cover Story

A couple who seem made for each other meet at a street corner. A tale of crossed destinies.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 01:19

Free To View

5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Andy Lambert,

Director/s : Andy Lambert, 

Writer/s : Andy Lambert, 

Actor/s : Colin Mace, Kate Bowes Jenna


Less is more: The Mute Series

Remember Dogme 95? Lars von Trier and Tomas Vinterberg’s puritan film-making ethos? No studio work, live sound only, no incidental music, no lighting, handheld camera. And even no credit for the director (was that the same Lars von Trier?).

Even its founders abandoned it, but Andy Lambert keeps the pure and minimalist flame burning. His Mute series has just three rules: 1. No dialogue; 2. No camera moves; and 3. Only one shot.

What we get are miniatures that draw equally on Dogme and on classic silents. Mute films are about two minutes long, and Andy has made fifteen so far. The rules don’t necessarily mean they have to be quirky and funny, but they are. And wry. And telling. And sometimes ridiculous (cardboard boxes getting jiggy? A man literally late for his own funeral?).

The outstanding Mute, in my opinion, is Cover Story. It takes longer to describe than to watch, so how about just clicking on the screener?

Oh well, if you insist: A man and a woman, both in black jeans and coats with red jumpers, both carrying bags, and each reading a book, walk on different streets towards the same corner, where they will inevitably bump into each other. They receive a text at the same time, and both hold their books in their mouths, to free a hand to check the message. This is how they meet at the corner: perfect mirror images of each other. They laugh, still with books in mouths. They look at the titles of each other’s book. Their faces fall. What seemed to be the magical makings of a perfect relationship was doomed from the outset. Why?

Now watch it here to find out, or go to to see the whole brilliant series.