A depiction of depression

Genre: Other

Length: 05:04

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : none given,

Director/s : Aaron Munson, 

Writer/s : none, 

Actor/s : none, 


Abstract Depressionism

Abstract images of liquid forms. Nameless scenes and textures that could be skin, or space, or a cup of coffee, an explosion of dust, a landscape, a dreamscape.

One wants to ask how the images were created (chemicals interracting, very close-up). But that’s not the point. This is filmmaking as abstract expressionism. Director aAron (sic) Munsen says it’s about depression, and it’s true that the moods of the brown colour scheme and the minimalist music are not exactly joyful.

But e’e free to dismiss this as a depiction of depression. For this is as open as music, and what it says depends on what you want to hear. Be taken over, let it inside your brain. You’re as likely to be calmed or lifted as depressed.