Nature remains, without us ever knowing about it

Genre: Other

Length: 1:02

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : James Craggs, Tautvydas Baranauskas

Director/s : James Craggs, 

Writer/s : James Craggs, 

Actor/s : Sammie Marshall, 


The Green City

The modern city, all hard edges, impenetrable glass steel and concrete…  But will the buildings endure? Will they endure longer than the grasses weeds and flowers that colonise every crack and corner in walls and pavements?

Enduring is a short meditation on this. Very short, at less than a minute excluding credits. The voiceover is a staccato poem. Images show a woman as she moves from grey corporate cathedrals, past a hedge that’s a piece of art too, to a park. She has headphones on, isolating her from both the grey and the green environments.

Music, sounding like a variation on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (sadly uncredited), synchronises with the edit. And there are some clever effects, as pot plants appear and grow, and a flower curls skywards towards the light while caressed by the woman. She is at normal speed, but the flower grows as if shot by timelapse photography.

It’s a concentrated piece. Perhaps too concentrated, for it would have been nice to linger over the images and absorb the words. But then, maybe it doesn’t need to be absorbed all at once – it’s so short there’s no problem watching it two or three times.

James Craggs wrote and directed, Tautvydas Baranauskus did the cinematography and animation, and they edited it jointly. It’s a delightful miniature, making its point about what will flourish and what must decay, then ending. It doesn’t criticise that hard-edged city, but there’s no doubt it’s on the side of the dandelions.