Falafel Sundays

A connection to a time, food and a person who serves it, interactions that become a part of our nostalgic past.

Genre: Animation

Length: 1:48

Free To View

5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Pracheta Ahana,

Director/s : Fahim Arif, Pracheta Ahana

Writer/s : Connie Rhye, 

Actor/s : Max Mystel, 


And that's a wrap

Falafel Sundays is very short, very simple, and about as perfect as a tiny animation can get. Through a trail of chalk lines on a blackboard, it recounts the regular purchase of a falafel wrap every Sunday at the same time, with the same words spoken between the customer and the falafel man. These are the mundane elements of place, time, food and conversation which as the blurb says, “become part of our nostalgic past”.

Actually, the blurb understates it, for the voiceover reminiscence goes off into timeless and infinite realms. It wonders if the weekly transaction will be repeated through seasons, political cycles, generations of children growing up (and disappointing their parents), and ever and onwards through the birth and death of stars and the afterlife of humans…

Then, lest such philosophical speculation become too grandiose, it’s all pulled back down to earth when one Sunday events take a new course. Such is the scope of this miniature that it’s permissible to view this change as a butterfly-effect occurrence that could change history. Or more, as nothing less than the splitting of reality and the creation of an alternate universe.

The wrap came with garlic and chilli. It didn’t mention the lashing of William Blake, or that the falafel man didn’t know it was infinity he was putting into the palm of someone’s hand.

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