Floor 9.5

After a late shift at work, a girl is entrapped into a scary dimension from which there seems to be no escape.

Genre: Horror

Length: 02:11

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Matt Wilkinson,

Director/s : Toby Meakins, 

Writer/s : Simon Allen, 

Actor/s : Georgina Campbell, 


No frills chills

Another short short showing how short shorts shoot surely. Another demonstration of how the form lends itself to circular, recursive stories that had life before the film starts, and will continue after.

Another short that makes the corporate office environment a place of alienation and horror. The mode is modern, but the mood is gothic. Grey is the new brown.

A young office worker leaves late. The building is empty. She goes down in the lift, but it jams between floor 10 and floor 9. The doors open onto a vast dark empty space, where, in the gloom, a man stands, facing away from her. “I need your help,” he croaks. As she moves toward him, he moves away, in step. Though he can’t see her. Creepy.

This is the lone girl venturing down to the cellar, out to the woodshed, up to the attic. Don’t go, we plead, haven’t you seen any horror movies at all?

Floor 9.5 is sparingly shot, like the director’s Breathe, with muted colours – it could almost be in black and white. Camera angles are mostly at head height, in profile or from directly in front or behind. Music is minimal. It’s no frills chills.

Characters get caught in an endless loop. It’s creepy, it’s alienated, and worse, this existential trap (not the film) is bloody boring. It is death warmed up, a metaphor for corporate life. Gothic office horror is a subgenre for our times.