Kindly cafe owner helps a young thief.

Genre: Drama

Length: 03:03

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4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : not given,

Director/s : not given, 

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Kindness rewarded

Any short film that racks up 24 million YouTube hits must have something going for it. What Giving has is a simple uplifting message, a healthy dose of sentiment, and the promotional push of Truemove H, Thailand’s second largest mobile operator.

A little girl’s father helps a boy who has stolen medicines from the shop opposite his street café. They are for the boy’s ill mother, so like the priest in Les Miserables, the man buys the medicines for the boy, and gives him some vegetable soup for the mother too.

30 years later, he’s still giving free food to poor people who ask… until he keels over, and has to be hospitalised. To pay the bill, it looks like the daughter will have to sell the café.

What lifts this morality tale of kindness rewarded, is that it is a beautifully produced film. The acting is superb, including the children. It’s dramatically shot in the dusty city streets, and intelligently edited to link present and past in an economical three minutes. It was used as a promotional ad by its sponsors, which unfortunately means it has been shorn of its directing, acting, cinematography and other credits.

If it was American it would probably be a country and western song by Tammy Wynette. I suspect it’s brought a tingle, if not a tear, to most of the 48 million eyes that have watched it.

(Thanks to Angela Peters, from London’s Tweetfest, for the link!)