Life of Larry

Pilot for a new TV cartoon family, introduced by creator Seth Macfarlane

Genre: Animation

Length: 10:18

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Seth Macfarlane,

Director/s : Seth Macfarlane, 

Writer/s : Seth Macfarlane, 

Actor/s : Seth Macfarlane, 


Seth, a family guy

In 1995, a live Seth Macfarlane introduces his new TV concept, The Life of Larry, which turns out to be a cartoon. Being Seth Macfarlane, he makes his smooth TV mogul persona as funny and subversive as the concept he’s introducing.

Larry would become Peter Griffin, and his dog Steve would be Brian. Chris is pretty much fully formed, and Lois is older, but still Lois. Stewie has yet to be born. And Brian’s intellect, that’s to come too. The pop culture references and religious satire are there, and hints of the surrealism that characterises Family Guy.

This is going to interest Family Guy fans, of course, but it’s also the perfect crowdfunding video, made a couple of centuries before crowdfunding was invented. Seth Macfarlane, eh? What can you say about a guy who didn’t fart until he was 30?