A girl wakes up her sister and tells her their mother has returned. So why are they panicking?

Genre: Horror

Length: 02:43

Free To View

3 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Barbara Muschietti,

Director/s : Andy Muscietti, 

Writer/s : Andy Muschietti, 

Actor/s : Victoria Harris, Berta Ros



This micro-horror was seen by Guillermo del Toro, who wanted to give writer/director Andy Muschetti the chance to turn his talent to a feature. Muschetti wrote and directed the feature Mama in 2013 with Jessica Chastain, and went on to helm the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s It. So all you young filmmakers out there, you just make the best short horror you can, and maybe someone like del Toro will take you too under their wing.

A girl, Victoria, sleeps, as a mysterious figure backs into her room, out of focus, and, um, carrying a doll. The figure trips comically, and it turns out it’s Lily, her sister, come to wake her up and tell her that they have to go. Mama has returned. Lily puts on a coat. Victoria picks up a goldfish bowl, and they venture downstairs.

Mama is a twisted skeletal creatures who pursues them screaming back upstairs.

It’s a single-shot piece, but the single shot includes lots of movement following the girls, whip-pans, focus shifts, accelerated frame-rate in the edit, and special effects (watch the way Mama’s hair and Victoria’s move). And creepy music that goes all Psycho. Del Toro was clearly impressed by the technique and control, with good reason, for it’s an object lesson in how to construct a horror scene.

Just don’t ask who Mama really is, why Lily locks Victoria out of their room, or what happened to the goldfish bowl.