Naangu (Four)

Naangu (Four) is an untold story about four 50+ aged friends and their desire towards achieving something that they have missed in their early life

Genre: Drama

Length: 16:16

Free To View

2.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Harish Gokul,

Director/s : Harish Gokul, 

Writer/s : Harish Gokul, 

Actor/s : Rajan Krushnamoorthy, Raghuvasan Ramusamy


Tales of everyday lives

Meeting at an orphanage/ashram in southern India, four middle-aged men are manipulated by the ashram’s director into going to an event, which turns out to be a film in which they see scenes from their own lives, things they feel guilty about, things they could have done differently. The film they watch is also called Naangu, and it’s made by Harish, the same director as the one we’re watching…

It seems surreal, but it’s not. Harish appears at the screening to explain the importance of recognising ordinary people’s ordinary lives.

Something may be lost in translation, but to be honest it’s a little unclear what’s going on. It all unfolds too fast, there are too many words (it’s hard to keep up with the subtitles), too many supporting characters, and no development of the four leads.

The incidents shown in the film-within-the-film are not dramatic, even when they involve big family events like marriage, or setting up a new business. There is insufficient time to let the sub-stories unfold, and one feels that the idea would have worked better if it had focused purely on one central character, with one central drama.

The positive stories that never get told, they are certainly an antidote to the melodrama of Bollywood. But when there is no struggle, there is no drama, let alone melodrama. The lesson is merely a plea that fails to get under our skins, like a daal with no salt or spice.