No Other Way To Say It

Voicover actor tries to deal with dithering directors, as her mum texts her with messages like “How do I send a text?” and “Dad died”.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 06:36

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Emma Jubinski,

Director/s : Tim Mason, 

Writer/s : Tim Mason, 

Actor/s : Beth Melewski, 


Voiceover artiste

It’s not a glamourous world, the world of advertising. You give them the voiceover you think they want, then you have to deal with directions like “More optimistic” “You don’t care if they like it or not.” The joke is, there’s actually an infinite number of ways to say it.

Then your mum calls, you press the auto response saying you can’t take her call right now, so she texts to ask how she can send a text. You reply between takes, then she says that Dad died, and you think there must be some mistake, so you carry on with the voiceover takes, not listening to the director any more, but they don’t notice anyway…

It’s black comedy, in which the director Tim Mason boldly satirises other directors. And mothers. Neither knows what they want, or if they do, have no idea how to say it. Beth Malewski gives a fine demonstration of acting craft, showing a range of surface expressiveness as she tries to interpret the directions, and then deeper emotions as she struggles to hold herself together while reading her mother’s texts.