Performance Issues

Dan has begun to suspect that his sex bot Kiki no longer finds him attractive.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 7:00

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4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : John Pickard,

Director/s : Corry Raymond, 

Writer/s : Corry Raymond, 

Actor/s : Fraser Ayers, Yasmin Paige



Once there were sex comedies, now there are sex-bot comedies. It’s a fertile field for commenting on three massive themes in one hit: relationships, consumerism and technology.

Here we have Dan, who bought sex-bot Kiki after a breakup. Trouble is, Kiki doesn’t fancy him any more, and probably never did. She suffers tiredness and headaches (A robot? Headaches?). He goes to the retailer to ask for his money back. The retailer asks if he tried flowers and choolates? He did, he even learned machine code “to speak to her in her own language.” “It,” the assistant reminds him, “Not she.”

Fraser Ayres, who has had a strong career in television drama, delivers a great comedy performance as Dan. He wants to be cool, but he’s uptight and full of English embarrassment. Just man up Dan, you want to say, and you wouldn’t need a bot, you could get a real girl. Yasmin Paige, who starred in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, is a tolerant and level headed foil as the sales assistant.

Back home, we see the cause of Dan’s frustration. How can you get jiggy with an object that, when you ask if it wants anything, waggles an empty can of WD40?

It’s all perfectly pitched by director Corry Raymond, and seamlessly edited to keep things tight, right up to the open-ended denouement. It doesn’t need to be stretched out. We’ve been entertained, and fed questions about male insecurity, the risks of being vulnerable in front of another human, and whether we can buy happiness (spoiler alert: we can’t).