Women and their blood.

Genre: Documentary

Length: 03:15

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Birgitte Rask,

Director/s : Emilie Thalund, 

Writer/s : none, 

Actor/s : none, 


Seeing red

It’s inside. You want to tame it but you can’t. You feel really weird, vulnerable, fragile, you lie about it, you think it’s dirty…

It’s beautiful, it’s a red wave through water, dark dark red, then it goes lighter, it connects you to the earth, makes you feel fertile, healthy. It makes you feel like a woman…

It’s really hard to talk about. Why is it taboo? Something to do with the church? With men? With women themselves?

Emilie Thalund wants to talk about it. She wants it to be easy to talk about. So she takes fragments of women’s thoughts, and imagery both powerful and sensitive. Faces and bodies and shrouds, those coy red flags symbols, and a crushed pomegranate.

The colours and compositions, faces and bodies, the music and the edit, are all of the highest class. She won a gold Young Director Award in 2018.

Emilie Thalund pushes against taboo, but taboo pushes back. How strange that we can see blood spilled in a thriller, and all we do is shrug. Yet bloodied panties cause such shock. But strangely, she gives us no blood-red tampons or towels. Are they taboo, or just too intimate?

This is labelled on Vimeo as having mature content. Really? 13-year old girls have periods. Deal with it.