Prize Board

Another week and another four hopefuls try to beat the board in the U.K.'s Number One game show!

Genre: Comedy

Length: 14:59

Free To View

2 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Chris Bowers, Justin East

Director/s : Chris Bowers, 

Writer/s : Chris Bowers, 

Actor/s : Rob Harvey, Eddie Saul


The question is...

Look, comedy is by a mile the most subjective of genres. If it makes you laugh, it’s great. If not, it’s not even comedy. No doubt the creators of Prize Board found their idea, script and performances hilarious, so presumably people whose funny bones are in a similar place will love this film.

It’s a strong idea: a spoof TV game where contestants answer questions for big prizes. What’s at stake is that they are gambling body parts against victory. One loses his corneas, thinking he’s about to get a little pedicure. All nicely tasteless.

The overblown game format is well constructed and satirically ridiculous. Its host is so cheesy that he’ll bring lactose intolerant viewers out in rashes. His sidekick steals the show, giving us the right answers with the extrovert glee of a Beckett character at a funeral. Richard Osman he ain’t.

It’s been said that comedy is truth. There is truth in Prize Board. So why is it unfunny? Jokes would help, but mainly it’s a lack of heart revealed from the off by treating the poor schmucks entering this contest as cruelly as it treats the game itself. They are not just losers, but deluded, egomaniac, talentless and greedy losers, too stupid to have watched the show before. Sorry, but ridiculing them is to ridicule the genuine dreams of the ordinary people who aspire to gameshow success, moments of celebrity, or a modest lottery win. These folk are not the same as gameshow hosts, and to target them is tasteless. There are kinder comedies to be made about Leon’s bid to be London Mayor, about the relationship between Dean and his son (an exaggerated version of Little Britain’s Lou & Andy), and the others.

But it’s just a bit of fun, innit? Ah, if only.

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