Pura Pantalla (Pure Screen)

Defeated by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido, and technology.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 8:30

Free To View

3 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Eleazar Gomez,

Director/s : Javier Farias, 

Writer/s : Juan Bacaro, 

Actor/s : Gabriel Valdivieso, 


(Im-)Mature Content

Young guy enters a café-bar, and three attractive girls look his way giggling. A middle-aged man reads a book on religion, and a studious young woman reads from her tablet.

She wears a strapless top, so her shoulders are bare, and we discover the young man’s game. His laptop has photos of naked boobs, just up to the model’s shoulders. So if he aligns the screen just so with the woman, it looks to him is as if she has no top on at all.

Hey! Cool prank! Not. Especially not If you’re over 14. This guy is 20-odd. He looked such a boy next door, too. Perhaps that’s the point.

It’s well shot and designed, with great use of light and colour, and business with a mirror in which the woman sees what he’s up to. But no amount of good filmmaking can escape the conundrum here: if a film shows someone objectifying a woman, does that mean the film objectifies women?

Hmm. Not necessarily. And writer Juan Barco is surely trying to be on the feminists’ side. In the film’s favour, the boy is made to look ridiculous. The girls and the man, in their ways, do to him what he’s doing to the woman. But doesn’t this let the film off the hook? If everybody objectifies everybody, doesn’t that imply his game wasn’t so bad?

Some will find this a funny satire on the illicit lusts that we all suffer from, and will be satisfied with the appropriate and shocking denouement (this film has “mature content”, and that’s not just because of the boobs). Others will think the boy got off too lightly, and be left with a sour taste in their mouths.

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