School Bus Karaoke

An old school bus driver who can sing found his soul mate in his bus.

Genre: Drama

Length: 7:10

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Ng Pak Yin,

Director/s : Tse Chun Ting, 

Writer/s : Tse Chun Ting, Wong Hoi

Actor/s : Simon Chung, Marcus Chan


Bus-ker driver

A wry little comedy out of Hong Kong, in which school bus driver Simon gets into trouble when one of the pupils videos him playing air guitar to his own cd, while the bus is stopped at lights. It’s a strict school system which fears that music might affect the children’s emotions.

Simon is the archetypal beaten-down little man. He plays live music in a bar but always has to do covers, and never gets the chance to perform his own songs. Things escalate when the cd goes missing from the bus, and Simon shouts at the kid who videoed him… which inevitably loses him the job, after ten years loyal service. The school’s Principal has the air of a triad boss about him

It would be wrong to divulge the twist, but there is one, and it brings warmth to the bleak tragi-comedy of Simon’s life. He is played by Simon Chung with a hapless acceptance of fate, reminiscent of the poor father in Parasite.

Director Tse Chung Ting brings high production values to such a small film, including a bird’s eye view of the school bus, scenes in the bar and the restaurant where Simon plays, and a full school assembly hall. Writer Wong Hoi deserves credit too, for a story with pathos and humour that packs a lot of humanity into its short runtime. It may not seem to have a happy ending for Simon the driver, and he may not have a job. But he is, for once, appreciated, and maybe that’s more important.