Two young people struggle towards their first sexual encounter, and deal with each other's expectations, a shiny trumpet and way too many cats

Genre: Comedy

Length: 12:20

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4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : none given,

Director/s : Adam Tyler, 

Writer/s : Adam Tyler, 

Actor/s : Alhaji Fofona, Savanna Baker


Losing your virginity 101

Teenagers Ryan and Natalie are going to lose their virginities. Aren’t they? Her awkwardness isn’t helped by the family pets that keep appearing, and his bravura is undermined when she discovers his trumpet, because trumpets are so uncool. (What has the world come to when the instrument of Miles Davis is uncool?)

They are only too clear about the mechanics of what they want to do. The problems and the mysteries lie not in the physical act, but in the expectations, the consent issues, what their friends might say or think, their hopes, fears and expectations. This terrain is not so much unknown as obscured by a fog of internet porn, advertising imagery, peer pressure, machismo, magazine articles and body image demands.

Do they even want to have sex because they want to have sex, or because that’s what you have to do to be a real man or woman, fulfilled, holding your head up?

It’s endearingly acted by the two young leads. Savanna Baker as Natalie does comedy and tears, at one point simultaneously, and that’s impressive. Alhaji Fofona exposes Ryan’s immaturity with great maturity.

The dialogue is fast-paced and sharp. Some – especially from Natalie – is didactic, with a hint that the writer was ticking off a checklist of issues to cover. Which is why all teenagers and most adults should be forced to watch it, and why, although the content is as mature as can be, SFR isn’t applying a “mature content” warning.

Screwball is a teenage comedy of manners that says the kids are going to be all right.