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A happy couple host three other couples to their home for a get together, and realize they don't know each other or themselves, at all.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 21:46

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2.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Eliezer Vergara, Ulises Rodriguez

Director/s : Eliezer Vergara, 

Writer/s : Eliezer Vergara, 

Actor/s : Aaron Badilla, Lucia Sawh


Eat the paper napkins

Millennial lifestyles are ripe for satirising, as writer/director Eliezer Vergara recognises. He has the types here: the beermaker hipster, the blogger “influencer”, the yuppie materialist, the vegans; all attending a dinner party thrown by attractive couple Emma and Jackson.

They are played with smug accuracy by the ensemble, doing their best with a comedy drama script that’s sadly short on both comedy and drama. For example, with the hosts having some big news, and (it turns out) the other couples have self-important news too, there’s a running joke crying out to be played. The pair could get trumped every time they start their announcement. Instead, the competing proclamations come out randomly. Comedy is… timing.

There’s no story, no main arc, threads are left hanging, and tensions unexplored. The vegans bring gluten-free beer, but the brewer never gets to even taste it, let alone have it pitched against his own. His tastes vile, to judge by Emma’s reaction, but hey, she just walks away. The setup makes a lot of the absence of tofu, then the vegans’ presumed suffering through the meaty, cheesy meal is ignored.

Then there’s the ponderousness. This should be a sharp, zippy film, but there are too many static wides, and too few reaction shots (reactions are a staple of comedy). This is compounded by odd editing choices, such as when one of the guests shouts out that his wife is fucking other guys, we see neither him nor the wife.

A lot of effort has gone into this production, and one doesn’t like to criticise harshly. It’s a great concept, but looks like a first draft script that misses every beat. If this film was dining out, it would eat the paper napkins, not the food.

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