Tarvisiano, Hidden Treasure

Images of one of the more beautiful but less well-known Italian Alpine regions

Genre: Other

Length: 03:39

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Bruno Pisani,

Director/s : Bruno Pisani, 

Writer/s : none, 

Actor/s : none, 


Breath of a mountain

For two months, Bruno Pisani hiked in the Italian Alps, sleeping in bivouaks, huts, and tents, to capture what he calls “the breath of a mountain”. As the clouds vapourise like steam, breath is a good word. Looking at stars, trees, and jagged high crests, you can almost feel cool clean air in your lungs. You get that sense of being dwarfed by nature, and at the same time being part of a bigger world.

Pisani’s achievement is to compose as if for a still, and let timelapse do its magic. Combined with camera movements, this is a fine technical achievement. Clouds like waves and their shadows like giant footprints, a sunrise warming a mighty rockface, stars arcing across the sky – stately movements for us who don’t have all day.

Pisani talks about silence, as he waited for the sun to come up and illuminate the peaks. Shawn Williams music adds to the grandeur, but maybe a bit of the silence of the stars would have been good. We see trees sway in the breeze, we see meltwater streams, but we don’t hear the simple sounds to take us deeper into the solitude

And perhaps more time lingering on the unusual would have been good, such as clouds rolling like a whitewater river just beyond some trees, or the stream in a monochrome cave, or lichen on a tree.

It is all undoubtedly beautiful, in a screensaver kind of way. Maybe I should blame Apple and Microsoft for that connection, but the fact is, corporations and calendars have colonised this kind of mood and imagery. The onus is now onto filmmakers and photographers to offer new ways of seeing the wilderness. Pisani was 18 when he filmed this, and it’s a wonderful achievement. What will he be doing when he’s 28?