Thank you, Coronavirus

A different perspective on the existing pandemic

Genre: Other

Length: 2:31

Free To View

3.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Riya Sokol,

Director/s : Riya Sokol, 

Writer/s : Riya Sokol, 

Actor/s :


A very new normal?

Riya Sokal thinks there is so much to thank the coronavirus for, and it’s hard to deny her case. She claims that this video has had 15 million views around the world. If so, she has done a lot to lift a little of the global depression, and look forward with, yes, optimism, and commitment to create better futures.

She says that we are dependent on something much bigger than we think, and the virus reminds us that many of us have taken the wealth, freedom, and health we enjoy for granted. We lose ourselves in the rush of life, and neglect to take time to enjoy play, affection and friendship.

The virus puts things into perspective, this film tells us. It makes us see the truly precious and valuable things of life. It makes us press the pause button on our pollution. It makes us confront our fears of illness and death.

Riya’s poem is spoken by against uplifting images of setting suns and pretty people, except for the pollution bit. Most if not all is stock footage.

Some might find the new-agey worthiness a bit cloying, but It would be churlish to criticise this film as a work of art. It transcends that, because it comes so directly from the heart, and because it is such a direct fillip of positivity. It offers hope of a spirit in the world that will say: we are all connected, and we know we have to make the changes needed to build a better world, as we come from gloom into light.