The Orphan Lute

Birth of a child always augurs a ray of hope for a society as they are the future of a nation and citizen of tomorrow.

Genre: Drama

Length: 6:57

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Blackmilk Production,

Director/s : Biplab Das, 

Writer/s : Biplab Das, 

Actor/s : Archisman Karmakar, Ankan Karmaker


A Bengal child

The director’s description of this silent Bengali film contrasts the idealism of the birth of a child as a ray of hope for the future, with the reality across the world of young children being employed, or simply used, as labour. Orphans, with no family support, are the most vulnerable. What kind of a childhood do they then have?

This short film shows two boys’ existences, acted unselfconsciously by brothers Archisman and Ankar Karmaker. One works, cleaning the cabinet glass of what appears to be a small sweet shop. The other, who can’t be more than six, looks on. Implictly, cleaning will be the younger boy’s job in due course. He is sent to the river to wash some cookware. There he has a short moment outside his mundane life, when he sees a fish stranded in a sandy puddle. The fish is like the little boy. He sees this, even if he can’t articulate it.

Biplab Das’s dialogue-free film plays out to a nurdling guitar score by Nirmalya Dutta. Music combines with muted colours to evoke an early morning feel, as if world, boy, and fish have not quite woken up. The child has a mundane existence, and doubtless faces struggles in the future, but at this moment he is lost in a task he has, for once, freely chosen for himself. This he will remember.