The Sad Off with Samuel L Jackson and Anne Hathaway

Christmas gets competitive in a showdown between Sam and Anne.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 04:04

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : none given,

Director/s : none given, 

Writer/s : none given, 

Actor/s : Anne Hathaway, Samuel L Jackson


Sadder than thou

Imagine if you will a 2012 TV Christmas special, with Samuel L Jackson and Anne Hathaway by the piano. Sam wishes everyone good cheer, especially as both their recent films are a little bleak.

Hold on, says Anne. Both our films? Mine is literally called The Miserables. Hold on, says Sam, you know my movie’s about slavery, right? Yes, says Anne, but, I also know it’s not called Django Still Chained.

Evil looks. Are we doing this? Yes, we’re doing this, motherfucker (that was Anne).

It’s a sad-off!

It’s brilliantly funny as they try to out-victim each other, forgetting that they are mere actors, not the characters they played. It’s not just the lines, it’s the delivery, as Sam and Anne both leap into comedy overdrive.

Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die channel gives us sketches, spoof interviews, movie mashups (intercutting scenes from different films, such as City Slickers and HBO’s Westworld). They get superstars like Pitt and Willis in for spoof intereviews in which Zack Galifianakis lampoons them mercilessly. They’ve even had Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton, though they went easy on them. Trump, he wouldn’t dare.

It’s consistently hilarious and biting. But two thoughts arise: One, it’s all highly American, and not everything exports well. This is a good thing if it shows Yankee cultural hegemony isn’t yet all-conquering. And Two (which is part of One), the Jews ridiculing Jews trope quickly wears thin.

But its satire is anti-Trump, pro-feminist (check out A Movie for Women by Men and Forehead Tittaes), and it’s quite happy to bite the Hollywood hand that feeds it, so these cavils are minor. Check out Funny or Die’s own site, or Amazon Prime, and see why FOD has raised the status of short-format, winning Emmys and other awards.

And why it’s wasted this reviewer more YouTube time than the World Cup, George Lucas,  and Donald Trump memes put together.