The Wine Bar

Average guy Henry innocently orders a beer in a posh wine bar, and manages to offend the barman, another customer, and her boyfriend…

Genre: Comedy

Length: 11.30

Free To View

4.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Seth Fisher, Christian Remde

Director/s : Christian Remde, 

Writer/s : Seth Fisher, Christian Remde

Actor/s : Seth Fisher, Tessa Klein


In vino

Did you hear the one about the guy goes into a snobby wine bar and orders a beer? And then starts chatting up a woman who is mute?

No, really, it’s a good one. See, he’s rough round the edges, but there’s not a malicious bone in his body, and he’s a good listener. Er, reader. Of the notes she writes in response to his questions.

Henry is a fish out of water, a straightforward guy who likes Hank Williams. But hey, the Spanish guitar music they play here is nice. You think it’s a comedy about class and snobbery, but it turns out it’s actually a film about relationships, and the little ways we need to pay attention to each other. Because Henry learns that Evelyn is in need of space from her boyfriend, who appears to have the view that if she’s mute, he doesn’t need to listen to her. Er, or read her notes. Then the angry boyfriend turns up to the bar, not listening, not reading. So Henry reads them out to him…

Tactful, huh?

Seth Fisher is engaging as Henry, and Tessa Klein charms as Evelyn. The script smiles its way through to its satisfying conclusion. Simply shot, it shows that no tricks are needed with a strong and meaningful story, and real characters who deliver zippy lines. Er, and notes. Highly recommended.