Thick as Thieves

A new couples’ first dinner party together goes awry when Gary realizes Rose just might be a professional thief.

Genre: Comedy

Length: 12:17

Free To View

4 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Sam Fichtner, Revell Carpenter & Luke Lenza

Director/s : Sam Fichtner, 

Writer/s : Sam Fichtner, 

Actor/s : Revell Carpenter, Luke Lenza


Thieves of a feather

It’s embarrassing to be invited to your prosperous friends’ dinner party with your new flame, and before you get to the front door she’s casing the security. You spot her slipping an expensive ornament into her bag, then some jewellery, and before you know it she’s upstairs at their safe.

Whatcha gonna do, shop her and embarrass yourself in front of your mates who’ve just congratulated you on your great catch? Or find a quiet place and tell her what’s what?

This has that sharp dialogue we’re used to in American comedy, with Revell Carpenter stealing it as the apparently ditzy lightfingered Rose. Luke Lenza’s Gary provides a solid base for her to bounce off, a he desperately tries to bring Rose to heel. Turns out Gary has reasons of his own not to simply call the police.

The whole thing is kept moving by Louis Weeks’s score, which perfectly combines rhythm to ratchet up the tension, with jazzy flute that tells us we’re still in comedyland.

The editing by Arndt Werling is seamless and pacy – perhaps too pacy, because it takes a couple of viewings to work out how the plot hangs together. And there are incidents of dubious relevance (why is that knife drawer opened? What’s the deal with the car keys?). But well done writer-director Sam Fichtner on fitting a major twist into a 12-minute short, and on the – dare I say it? – touching moment when Gary and Rose realise they may be a perfect match after all.

But this is not a romcom, it’s a comedy heist, kind-of Ocean’s 1½: a sharp, if slight, entertainment. It may be a proof of concept for a feature film, or even a TV series following Gary and Rose. And you know what? I’d watch.

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