TRATAK 2 - Reveil , Heavenly Memories Sometimes Veiled

We never see how it is, but how we are.

Genre: Other

Length: 14:00

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1 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Davide Carlini,

Director/s : Davide Carlini, 

Writer/s : Davide Carlini, 

Actor/s : Carlo Filocamo, Iacopo Nestori


Twelfth plane of space-temporal structures

(Best read after the review of Antars, the Ice Around the Time. Best watched aftr a spliff.)

Chapter Two of the Tratak series, Reveil, Heavenly Memories Sometimes Veiled has the seeds of a story. The man with the candle from  part one is on a search. The crystal ball, the watch and the compass reappear, and now there’s a radio too. But no penguins, sadly.

And at last, people speak: three goths arrive from another dimension, the “Space of Slumber”. They invade the searcher’s car, invisible to him, and wonder if he’s found the coordinates to “one of the doors”.

A madman in yellow (or is he a guru?) runs across a field to announce something about “the essence in the shapes of Her that is represented in the discovering the passing off of the stories…” Something may be lost in translation. But not a lot, one suspects.

Given that there are now fewer images, and those that we do get are mostly static, we are thrown onto the monologues for meaning: “In the Twelfth plane of the space-temporal structures, they forgot the real use and purpose of the Word.” Because, you know, “In the beginning the word was the origin of the essence.” This Judeo-Christian idea is happily mashed in with a montage of time symbols, maps, astrology, and tarot. It may be a Tratak mantra as well. But it surely mustn’t be a filmmaker’s. For a filmmaker, the image must be the origin of the essence. At least Part One tried to engage the eye.

One more piece of profundity will do. “In the dark, even the shadow is invisible to the eye.” Surely in the dark there are no shadows? Perhaps you need to be familiar with Tratak teaching to see them.

For the rest of us beings embodied in this space-time, well, if we wanted to satirise mystical eastern new ageism, this is how we’d do it.