Word of Mouth

A journey of warm nostalgia, rustic bread-making and familial bonds.

Genre: Documentary

Length: 04:58

Free To View

3 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Tak Nakano,

Director/s : Tak Nakano, 

Writer/s : Tak Nakano, 

Actor/s :


Love letters to Sicily

An unusually cross-cultural documentary, this, in which Japanese-Australian director Tak Nakano explores the domestic traditions of a rural Sicilian family. Salvo reminisces over his childhood, when everything he ate was cooked by his mother and grandmother, and the key ingredient was love.

It’s a hymn to baking bread and pizza, to making fresh pasta, to tomatoes and calamari, and sharing food at the table.

These days, when supermarkets sell us all this ready-made by anonymous factory workers, now that we can eat out and order takeaways, are we leaving something behind? I’d like to have seen more exploration of this. I’m also curious to hear from Grandma if moderrnity means she’s pleased not to have to cook all the time, or if she’s lost a matriarchal role in her diffused family.

There is a danger that nostalgia serves up warm bread with a fireside glow, and forgets the meat and pickles. Perhaps I’m asking too much of this lovely postcard from Sicily, made by Nakano alongside other films on handmade cheeses and chocolates, and Palermo street food. He says these are his love letters to Sicily, so best to just relax and try to smell the bread as it emerges from the charcoal oven.

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