Yes, Virginia

Granting everyone else's wishes has always been second nature to Virginia, but no matter how hard she tries there are certain things that not even wishes can fix.

Genre: Drama

Length: 09:33

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Producer/s : Kathryn Butt,

Director/s : Harvey Puttock, 

Writer/s : Harvey Puttock, 

Actor/s : Amy Whitworth, Tom Patient


Wishing? Well...

Sometimes the hardest part of making a great film is coming up with a unique concept. Or (because unique is rare), a unique angle on an existing concept. Admittedly the notion of the wish-granter goes back to genies and fairy godmothers. The unique angle here is that her gift is a curse. It’s too much responsibility. It can backfire.

Don’t wish for a happy moment to never end, because it won’t, you’ll be frozen in time. Don’t be like Virginia’s friend Frank, who was so into a song that he wished all music sounded like that, and it did, becoming an earworm so deep and remorseless that Frank put a bullet into his brain to kill it.

Harvey Puttock’s story expertly plays with the logic of wish-granting, and we understand why Virginia wants her gift removed. Incidentally, it’s a well-chosen name for her, alluding to Our Lady of Lourdes and the miracles expected there, and implying a naivity.

The twist, revealing Virginia’s unsuspected real problem, is delicious and beautifully conceived. It’s a change of tone that gives depth to what had previously been playful. If there’s one small weakness, it’s that the darkness revealed could have been more fully explored and resolved.

Amy Whitworth carries the film. She shows us Virginia’s warm heart, then her tragedy, in a wonderful and affecting performance. Tom Patient’s boyfriend is a perfect foil. A nod to the costume and hair departments too, who give a Virginia an innocent elfin look in the first scene (a well executed chat show, in which she restores a woman’s sight), then a mature dress and bobbed hairstyle when she has to be an adult.

There’s a whole tragi-comic webseries to be made about Virginia and her gift. Harvey, I wish you’d make it.